How to choose your first tarot deck [REDUX!]

This post is a link in a long chain of blogposts all (hopefully) posted today the 23rd of September 2014. Most likely you came to my blog by reading Stella T’arot excellent post and after you are done reading my 2 cents, feel free to scoot along to read the next in the chain, Maria Luisa Salazar (and do not forget to leave a paw-print, bloggers relish in comments!).


The theme for this hop is quantum leaps, or about things we learned, discovered or just people we met over the years that caused us to learn or realize things not in small chunks, but in giant quantum leaps and I want to write a little bit how my ways of choosing my tarotdeck (or oracle and lenormand for that matter) recently changed due to a clear lightbulb moment.

The beginning

Not that very long ago if someone asked me to tell how to choose their very first tarotdeck I would could have commited murder by this answer:

imageDepending on if you can afford one or two decks you have two choices: 1) Buy a deck that speaks to you, that tickles your curiosity. Choose a deck, whos imagery cvatches your very soul. The best deck in the world would be useless if you find it too ugly or boring to read with… or 2)Buy the deck that talks to your heart as suggested above, but also buy a more traditional deck like the Rider White Smith (RWS). A RWS, the still going strong ancestor of decks will help you get a deeper understanding of the symbols of tarot and about how it all fit together. Faithful as I am I usally took my own advice.


Now, thus far into the story I think it is only appropiate to explain that I have kind of an obesession of mine:The belief that if I only found The Perfect Deck, my reading skill would really flourish and grow.  So I almost always bought decks with my heart and soul. Decks that I really liked the images in or the colours. Imagine my disappoinimagetment and dismay when I brought the deck home, opened it and tried to read with it and it was dead silent….  For me (your experience may vary) Animals Divine and the Maat Tarot are two of those. Stunning, stunning artwork, but no voice or story to tell me what so ever.

Frustration grew to no end and I felt like a big failure, again, and agin. Time after time I tried to get a grip on why a particular deck that I had fallen in love with imagewise would be so hard to read with for me. But I hit nothing- No treasure and no lightbulb and my treasurehunt for the perfect deck continued.

The Aha-moment

Until some weeks ago. I can not remember exactly what deck it was sadly. Maybe RWS or my darling Cat’s Eye Tarot. However, all of a sudden I found the missing piece of the puzzle! For me, the difference between a dear very readable deck and a deck with stunning images but nothing to tell me whatsoever in a reading, that  could be spelled out in one single word: C-L-A-R-I-T-Y!

I think it all boils down to how that magick  that is called fortunetelling or divination is happening. In my mind it is a sweet mix of knowing the meaning of each card, and trusting intuitive flashes. Yes, it is somewhere in between that the flow of tarot is born. Hence, when looking for clarity in a new deck I am looking for one of two things (preferably both):

  1.  It should be really, really easy to identify a specific card in a  deck . Either by bold, and big letters on the card (I am in awe of readers who dare trimming their decks), naming it or by visual ques (One single cup in Ace of Cups, 3 crossed swords in 3 of Swords, 8 glowing wands in 8 of Wands and so on). As an example I can talk abouimaget The Quantum Tarot. The Major Arcana talk about physical theories, and it is not set in stone that you reognizes the major immediately by image alone, but the naming is bold and colourful with both specific colour and symbol to identify it. In the minors on the other hand we see the symbols illustrated clearly in the card, although the total depth is lost of course if you do not know space or physics.
  2. The second thing I have realised that I need is clear and crisp images.  Themed or not, it should be very obvious what the card potrait. Even trimmed the card shoud be easily identifird! Most RWS clones are like that, my best experience have been with the Robert-Hanson Tarot as an example. Or, if a heavily themed deck, each and every card should make an obvious statement about what the card represents. if you are new to tarot, you should not need to look the meaning in a book. You should be able to gain that info from the card directly. Themed decks are tricky in that way, since they depend on your knowledge about the subject very much. You either get it or you don’t and you really should not need to “translate” the meaning via a little white book,  My favorite go-to deck at timagehe moment is the Cat’s Eye Tarot, As the name indicates it is a heavily cat-themed deck. Crisp and clear pictures with obvious statements in each card and although not a clone of RWS each card makes a clear statement,  making it very easy to read with. A mature tomcat as a King is equally right as the kitten challnging the dog in the Strength-card.


How I choose my decks have changed over the years. Now soul and clear demonstration of intent, either in text or image is my way to do it, As my post is coming to its close I would love to hear about how you chooses your deck, Is there a plan behind it or just on an impulse?

Oh, and f you can not have enough of tarot and blog hops – Here is the Grande Masterlist for the entire list! Good too if you run into a weak link in the chain….


The Daily Question – the Mom Version

When I was really young in the tarot world and started pulling one card each morning for myself to intepret it was first very exciting. What card would I pull? The dreaded Tower-card or the charming 6 of Cups? Would it be a fit? Or way off? But after a while it started to feel quite Meeeh just to ask: What will happen today? What shall I think about? and so on. About the same time I stumbled across the wise man James Wells at Circle Ways-  He strongly believes in the empowering force that is tarot and he  posted a set of 5 questions that when answered would bring us the opportunity to grow and evolve each and everyday. I have now taken those questions and modiefied them to be a better fit (they are allready quite suitable as they are, but not perfect):

What do I most need to know about or learn from my child/ren today?
How can I be of service to my child/ren today?
What is my most helpful resource as a parent/mother today?
How can I succeed at parenthood in every way today?
What nourishes and sustains me as a mother/parent today?
How can my wisest, most loving self express itself today through my parenting ?

Of course I had to take these questions out for a test-drive!

“How can I best serve my children today?”

(Cat’s Eye Tarot)

King of Wands – Queen of Wands – Page of Swords

Oh my! I swear, I did not use court cards only! It came out this way and is it not just too perfect, since court cards usually symbolizes personality traits?!

The King of Wands here as a golden and leisure loving tomcat are the symbol of leading by example. How often don’t we say to our kids one thing and then as adults we do the complete opposite? Eating candy is a great example. In our family we have a semi-strict rule of my eldest son eating chocolate and candy only on Saturdays. Since I am (and most likely my fiance too) a sugarrat we often eat candy and snacks on all days of the week. What example am I showing to my children? That it is OK to eat sugar in the middle of the week? Or more importantly – that rules do not apply equally? I better change that up a bit!

The Queen of Wands is the more slender, feminine clone of the King. She reminds me that whatever I do during this day I should do it to 100%, to put my heart into it completly. I have a tendency to try to juggle many things at the same time at times (well most of the time truth be told) which forces me to focus less than 100 % on them and most of the time it does not get finnished at all. By doing things with heart and soul one thing at the time I can serve myself and my children the good and warm feeling of completion and self-confidence of actually finnishing things!

And last, the Page of Swords, whispers in my ear that it is of greatest importance to try my best to being sincere, to being just and honest, and to communicate well. “What a pretty painting you made!” said as a white lie to not make anyone sad or “Oh! What have you drawn? Is it something you like?”  The truth does not have to be sharp and cold. It can equally be compassionate and curious! And when things are at its worst: Remember to have fortitude! Things will not always be like this. This will also pass!

Aces – The Spark that starts it all

Before we begin I most sincerely want to apologies for the lack of posts the last couple of days. When I first started this blog I had all the intentions in the world to write something here each and every day. But I quite fast realised that something humongous came in between me and the finished post: LIFFE! I am at the moment a stay-at-home-mom to two amazing kids, one that is not even 6 months yet. So things tends to just… uuuhm…. happen. Therefore I feel I need to draw down on the amount of posts. Just to keep life in balance. Hopefully this will reflect in increased quality in contrast to a high quantity of posts! Now, let us start from the very beginning again, with the Aces:

The aces are the Seed and New Beginnings of its Elements. The Potential, Desire and Gift. An opportunity to invent a new way.  The precious feelings of falling in love for the very first time. You can finally start to right what has been done wrong by you. A desire to start a new health routine.

The Aces can also be seen as the pure essence of its element: Entusiasm, Love, Truth and Manifestation.

Ace of Wands

  • Upright:  Passion, energy, inspiration, creativity
  • Reversed: Lackluster, lack of passion, block in enregy flow

Ace of Cups

  • U: Love, relationship, compassion, intimacy, intuition, dreams
  • R: Love is gone, the struggle to feel compassion, shattered dreams and visions, lack of intimacy, blocked intuition

Ace of Swords

  • U: Truth, justice, thought, communication.
  • R: Lies, the truth is hidden. breakdown in communication

Ace of Pentacles

  • U: Health, money, abundance, prosperous, trust,
  • R: Mistrust, missed opportunities. lack of money,

It is important to remember that although the elements can be more intuitively associated with specific areas of expertice so to speak: All elements can be related to all subjects!

  • Ace of Cups and Money: A new inflow of money
  • Ace of Pentacles and Communications: The use of a talking-stick when communicating or any other physical tool
  • Ace of Swords and Creativity: Structure and plan your new creative outletmössa
  • Ace of Wands and  Dreams: Sow a seed to take action on your dreams

Btw, do you guys remember the yarn I showcased 1½ week ago? This is the result so far! I hope you can see what it supposed to be (otherwise I have made a radical error somewhere). Just 3, 5 cm to go and then time to decrease and to fasten all loose ends! Hopefully done before winter… But with just knitting and no purls the rows fly by!

Wordless Wednesday: Forest Gold


(Unfortunately not my prickig though)image

Why I choose to wrap my baby instead of using a stroller

My son was born in mid-August (way too long ago, where does time fly?) and although I tried carry him in a elastic wrap to start with, but both him and the weather was way too warm for me to continue baby wearing. Our economy at that time did not allow me to by a woven wrap either. As a sidenote: FB and internet in general have done wonders with the accessibility of things from all over the world. Nine years ago there were not really that many wraps to chose from. Anyway, so with my son I mainly used a stroller. They can be quite expensive, but I got my hands on a second-year edition so got it cheaper.  With my daughter I decided I wanted to do things different.

I bought a wonderful Becco Solei + the infant piece  available as well and made sure my fiancé brought them both when it was time to go home from the hospital. And as they say:  The rest is history…. Not once have I actually seriously considered to bring out my old stroller used for my son before! Well, I tried once to put my daughter in the stroller (since my fiancé is not 100 on the carry-wagon), but took her up after 2 minutes since she was crying and showing loudly that this was not her cup of tea. When my daughter was 3 months old I visited my mothers for 2 months and was there able to borrow her sewing machine and sew my own woven wrap. In the beginning (especially after daugter was big enough for me to remove the infant piece in the sling) I used the sling and wrap equally. Sling for when I needed to do quite a lot of lifting in and out of the carry (going by car, weekly shopping etc). The woven wrap for our longer daily walks in nature, quick visits to our groceryshop, inside when I needed 2 hands free or when daughter really craved to be close, close. Some weeks ago I actually convinced fiancé to try to carry daugter in the sling! But since we quite naturally are differently built he had to adjust the sling to his comfort I have actually not carried in sling since then. It has just felt too complicated to adjust the straps just once more. So today I mainly carrying in my woven wrap exclusively.

As said, I carry only in woven wrap today. The stroller have totally been taking over by our cats. Atm I am a one-tie moma, I tie her only in a FWCC. But we practice almost everyday with other ways  Here is why I have chosen the woven wrap over the stroller:



Well, here  I had planned to write down a long list of why carry is so superior to a stroller, but while I  was jotting down point for point I realised it boiled down to two main things:

FLEXIBILITY I can basicly go anytime and everywhere I want. In the forest picking berries or mushrooms, on the sidewalk taking a nice walk after breakfast or doing the grocery shopping (since I do have two hands to carry with free I really do not miss the stroller for carrying the bags). Even when it comes to times I use different kinds of motordriven transportations  a wrap for me is so many, many times better to use. On buses I can go on at the front, dont have to leave my daugter alone at the backentrance. I can be close to her while the bus is driving etc. A wrap doesnt really take up much space (amazingly enough for 6 m cloth!), neither in a bag or wearing it. So usualy I pre-wrap before I get in the car, which works like a charm. Ans speaking of car: How on earth do parents manage travel with their car on vacation when they have a stroller to pack  as well? This summer we travelled 2 adults, one child, one baby and two cats 600 km and the car were full to above and beyond the roof….


To carry my child is so increadible soothing and relaxing, and that is just when I talk about me! I can’t imagine how comforting and safe it must feel for a small baby to have his or her mother (or father) within touching range all the time! You just can not give a child or a baby too much of that! I think one of the reasons that my daugter sleeps so well and is such a happy baby most of the time is due to the fact that I have kept her close all her life! These days I can not imagining going for a walk without having the possibility to just bend my head slightly and kiss the top of hers….

So, how about you guys? If you have children: Do you use a stroller? Wrap or sling? Maybe both or all three together? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and tell me your baby-carrying story!


Here I will post some bragging about myself, eventually – if there is anything to brag about…


Here is a presentation of what I am offering as a tarot reader. My e-mail readings are for you, if you are:

  • feeling constant inadequat as a mother
  • feeling like you are spreading yourself too thin between all the different roles we are carrying: Mother, mistress, wife, cleaner, teacher, priestess…
  • in search of a re-connection in the relationship between you and your child
  • in pursuit after more info and re-assurance (ALWAYS alongside with medical advice) around your pregnancy
  • in need of some second opinion concerning choices needed to be made concerninig childcare and education
  • just looking for short and to the point answers
  • instead looking for a more deeper reading to see how everything connects together. The choice is yours!

My readings are offered with a 7-day turnaround time (with the exception of the Short and Sweet spreads , see below) and strict confidality. What happens in a tarot reading, stays with a tarot reading! If you want a guarantee for a fast answer, please email me first to check my availability before you make the payment!

You are a G.E.M!

Since I became a mother I have realised that  there are way too many roles for me to fill. Way to many things to do. Sometimes it feel just too much. Like I spread myself out too thin. That how no matter what I do, how much time I use there will always something that I have to sacrifice, a nagging feeling of that I am not good enough.

This spread intend to change that! A 5-card spread which main-focus is to show that you actually are the perfect mother for the situation at hand. That you are a Good Enough Mom!


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Rising from C.H.A.O.S

(Coming soon)


A Mother’s Heart

No matter how old they get, infant or teenager, the  relationship between a mother and her child(s) is always very precious. Sometimes, when things get rough we need to be reminded how much we mean to each other and even if we do not have to be reminded, it is  a good thing to hang on to from timed to time.

A 8 – card spread focusing on the relationship between you and your child, no matter age.

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For Mothers 2 B

A 13 – card spread for those of you who are expecting or who are planning to become pregnant. An original tarot spread from Tarotize. We look at the outsights for the 3 trimesters, conception and birth (yes we even hazard a GUESS on the sex of the baby ) of your treasure,

Please keep in mind that a tarot reading is not intended replace professional medical advice. It is important to attend regular medical check-ups during a pregnancy.

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The Choice of Education

One thing we all as mother’s can agree on is that we want the best education and life for our kids, no matter what. But then our opinions diverge. Sometimes we know from even before our children is born how and where we want their childcare and education. For others there may be a struggle, either between which choice is the best, or which one is the least bad.

No matter if you choose between daycare or being a stay-at-home-mom, home-schooling or regular school, private school vs the local school: This 11 card spread will give you even more information so that you will be able to make an even more informed choice

If you are stranded with more than two choices I am happy to enlarge the spread of an extrea +$10 fee/choice!

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SpeedShort and Sweet Q & A

Sometimes you need no longwinding answers, no but’s and if’s. Only to the point answers. I offer two kinds of  Short & Sweet spreads:

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Two to 5 questions: $30

Both of them will gain you really short and to the point answers within 48 hs.

To the bottom of things

Other times you are in a situation where you really need to go to the bottom of things. To have someone tell you about the bigger picture. Then the Tree of Life is a perfect spread. A 11 – card spread that REALLY digs deep!
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About Me

Hi there Mom!

My name is Anna and I am a mother, pagan priestess, baby-wearer, lover and passionate tarotista. To help other mothers, grandmothers or mothers-to-be find peace, harmony, tranquility and balance in our daily life as parehts is a great dream and passion of mine. This  blog was started in 2014 as way for me to express my own thoughts and ideas aroun how I can combine all my interests to live a Magickal Tarot-life, while still being a top-notch mom.

This important work I am doing in two ways: 1) Writing mostly short and to-the-point blog-posts about tarot, healthy eating, attachment parenting and babywearing 2) Offering a set of tarot-readings for mothers to empower them to realize that they are good as they are, they are the best mom they can be for their kids and that they can take control over the chaos to find Magick in their lives! I know how precious time is when you are a home-with –  kids. So the readings I am offering are done via e-mail (who have time to Skype with a toddler in the house?), so that you can sit down and read the answer again and again if you like to, when you have some peace and quiet.

Healthy Sunday: Veggie – and Sausage Soup [Gluten – and Dairyfree]

When I first started to look at food that neither contained gluten nor any dairy I felt disheartened: I did not know any “natural” recipe´s! Every dish I knew either needed some major tweaking or was just not possible to do (Well, nothing is impossible is my motto, but in this case can turn a heck of a lot more expensive….). Then it hit me like a sledgehammer! I did at least know ONE natural gluten and – dairyfree dish. And it is so simple that I almost feel embaressed…. So here it is now:

Mom’s Veggie and Sausage Soup [Gluten – and Dairyfree]


  • 4-6 potatoes
  • 2-3 carrots
  • 4-600 g sausage (The more % meat it contains the better)
  • one vegetable stock cube (Have not gotten around yet to make my own stock unfortunately)
  • salt, pepper after taste
  • (optional) Parsley, chopped on top of the soup just before serving

Here s how you do it:

  1. Peel and dice potatoes and carrots in comfortable sices. Best is if they are equal in sice, then they will be ready at the same time.
  2. Put them in a large pot (the one you use for soup). Cover with water + 1 cm. Add some salt and put a lid on.
  3. Boil the potatoes and carrots until they are  soft all the way through (Approximately 20 -30 mins)
  4. In the meantime, chop the sausage in either thin rods or even small cubes
  5. When the roots are soft, add the sausage, stock cube + as much water as you feel is necessary to make a decent soup.
  6. Heat it on middle heat until the soup starts boiling again.
  7. Add some salt and pepper after your own taste. Chop some parsley into the soup just before serving.
  8. Enjoy!

This dish is only made with 3 main-ingredients. But just as with the story of  the man who made a soup with a nail this is just the foundation. Have fun with it and add other things to it if you feel it might approve the dish!

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