If you really know where to look, there truly is a spread for every subject! This week I have really been stuggling to get this blog started. I am perfectionist through and through and if I can not get it perfect the process in itself becomes like running through mud. All of a sudden there is all these other “important” things that draws my focus. Since this is the rule (with very few exceptions) for other things in my life too I realised it was high time I sat down and once and for all dealt with my procrastinating heart.

After just a few pushes of buttons I stumbled on Beth at Little Red Tarot and her Procrastination Spread. A very thought provoking spread, but still a cure spread made with quite a lot of tongue in cheek. Love it!


1. Where you are right now – The Sun (19)

Right now I am at a really good space: I feel good, and full of energy. If money were no issue I would really love to be a stay-at-home-mom fulltime. But this warm and cozy feeling also comes with a problem: The feeling of that “Naaah, it is too comfy under the blanket cuddling with my 5 mo daughter, the TV-series have never been more interesting and so on. I get too comfortable truth be told.

2. Your first excuse – Knight of Coins

My very first excuse to why I can not get anything done, why I end up doing non-productive things throughout my week is that I am to slow. It takes waaay too long for me to finish. And there is the nagging issue of making things perfect. “Just a little bit more then I can call it OK….” But THEN never comes.

3. Something to do/think about/focus on – Ace of Coins (rx)

Turned on its head the coin in the hand has it palm faced down and all the opportunities and gifts of Earth risks falling out. There is two possibilities here: a) I need to focus on closing my fist to prevent the energy of Earth dissipatint or b) We can also see the coin in the hand as a seed waiting to be sown. Now is the time to focus on not only holding the seed in my hand, but to actually take action and plant good habits, helping me with not procrasinate.

4. How you are procrastinating – 3 of Wands (rx)

My main procasination stems from a lack of vision. Instead of looking up and looking outward I keep my head down and bairly see the bow on my tied shoes. There is no planning ahead what so ever. I am so used to being “the messy one”, “the unorganized one” and so on that I don’t know who I really am behind that mask.

5. Something else to focus/think on – The Lovers

When things are tough it will help to think on what I care most about. What or who do I love? Where does my passion lie? Behind all clutter and procrastinating my greatest love and passion are my two children. But procrastinating and other blockages are stopping me from being as good mom as I could be…

6. Something to avoid – 6 of Swords (rx)

I need to avoid to stay in the same old state of mind, need not to be sad and especially I need to avoid my “normal” mellow mindset where I do neither feel any emotional pain nor guilt of everything I missed out on. But if I do, I miss out on all the highs too.

7. One final thought – 4 of Wands

This is my popfizz-card. It indicates the amazing feeling of having 1000 butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach. If I keep in mind how marvelous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious good I will feel when I get things done when I supposed to. How free I will actually feel. Another way could be to actually raise my gaze and to try to make things exciting even the boring stuff and to remember to celebrate not only finnishing, but every step on the way!

Thats it – my procrastinating spread borrowed from Little Red Tarot! And sorry if it is posted in the 11th hour, I just needed to……