When I was around 12 years old (and my parents been divorced allready for one year) my father was diagnosed with  a chronical autoimmune disease called Chron’s. My father got it really bad and today, almost 25 years later he is thin as a stick, have gone through several surgeries to remove scarred intestine and this Summer I was told that he could not get any more inflammations in his intestines, because there basicly was not more intestine to cut away if he wants to survive… This if nothing else was a true eye-opener for me.

So far I have been lucky enough not showing any solid symptoms of having Chrons. I know though that it is hereditarily. What I know though is that I do have a gut that are more sensitive to some things than I guess the general public. A couple years ago I did some tests to see if I was gluten and/or lactose intolerant but it turned out negative (Positive in some ways I guess). But all the same I know that my body react badly to high-fatty food as well as things that can be hard to digest (raw onions together with white bread for example. Bye, bye burger…). I get stomach cramps and a harsch diahreeah almost directly after I have eaten these kind of foods.

Due to this I have excluded gluten from my food.  It is a start for me to try to keep my g ut as healthy as possible. I try to stay reasonable low when it comes to carbs (No sugar, no pasta or rice), but does not exclude carbohydrates completly since I am still breastfeeding my daugter. Out with the really bad stuff and in with the reasonable good things!

One of the things that I realised quite fast I would miss is the option to be able to bread for example fish or meat with egg and breadcrumbs. But recently I came to realise it did not have to be too complicated anyway: Just use egg and almond flour and you will have a fairly nice substitute! Last night I did a gluten-free schnitzel for example. To that I served potato wedges (I cheated big time here and bought frozen) and a nice green sallad:

Gluten-free Schnitzel


  • one filé of calf topside meat per person
  • 1 egg
  • almond flour, 1dl
  • whitepeppar, salt


  1. Whisk the egg in a shallow medium sized bowl
  2. In another bowl mix almonf flour, salt and pepper (after your own taste)
  3. Take out the meat and toss and turn it first in the egg and then in the almond-mix
  4. Heat a frying pan
  5. Put in some fat and let it melt. I used grass-fed butter, but I assume ghee or coconutoiul would do too
  6. Fry the “breaded” meat on high to medium heat for just a few minutes on each side.
  7. Serve with some wedges and a really nice sallad
  8. Bon apetite!