Upright: Endings, transformation, change, transition

Reversed: Resistanse to change, inability to move on

Careful what you wish for – you may get it

When I was younger and had just started with the tarot I never ever got it in my readings, the dreaded Death card. It made me devastated and frustrated to no end. As a 18 year old girl I wanted life as I knew it to change, I wanted out, a new beginning. I was ready to transform from a girl to a woman, from child to adult. But Death never showed in my readings and change never came… Up to this day I rarely see Death in my readings. Neither for myself nor for my clients. But now I am relieved instead. Because I know when change, endings and transition comes and knock on your door there is really nothing else you can do but to hold on and enjoy the ride!

This card is a card from the Major Arcana, so it is definitely not a card to take lightly. When this card shows it indicates a transformation that will for ever change your life in one way or another. There is a saying:

When one Door closes, a WIndow always opens

But what you maj13have to remember is that when this door closes it will stay closed for a very, very long time and the key will be thrown away anyways. There basicly is just one way and that is forward and through the window. It may be quite a bumpy ride and we may not appreciate it at times. On the other side of change though you will  feel a great satisfaction and growth. You have survived, what did not kill you made you stronger. If we compared the two grande cards indicating change and transformation: Death (13) and the Tower (16) then Death is the inevitable transformation that you actually can plan for, while Tower is the sudden change that comes like lightening from a clear sky. It can be very painful, but necessary.

On the same note, let us also talk about the big elephant in this blog post: Can this card predict actual physical death? I would say, both yes and no. One card alone can never predict something as major as physical death! Or it can, but no matter how good of a fortune teller you are there is no way you can 110% sure, can it? And you have to be to deliever such  a dire message, right? But Death surrounded by many negative cards would hint that something really not good is up. Would I leave it out completly when delievering to the client? Of course not! But I would be very gentle and use all my bedside manner I possessed. I would not tell them the blunt “truth”. But basicly tell them to take care of themselves. If the cards indicates a severe illness ask them if they had their health checked up recently, if about money ask them to look over their investments one more time.

This is so important, I can’t really emphasize it enough: The future is so very rarely cut in stone and it is important to remember that people WILL belive what you are saying as a tarot reader (most of the time). Think of what the consequenses will be if you gave someone a (false) death sentence…..

Symbols in the RIder White Smith deck

The Grim Reaper A symbol reminding us that we are all mortal. Everyone will die, everything will end eventually

The Sun Afte Rain comes Sunshine. A solid reminder that death and endings are not the final ending, there is always something green and fresh that may grow in the ashes of the fire

The pope and the children No matter who we are, where we have accomplished, how rich or poor we are – death will come. You can try to outrun it, but will ultimately fail

The Rose A beutiful sign of a new dawn and miracles.  Although a symbol of new beginning, the thorns reminds us that change is not always painfree.

The flag A powerful sign of change.

The Horse: Strong, independent and with long strides. The horse symbolizes the power and magnitude of what will come. There is nothing much you can do but to hold on to the reins…

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