This is my very first List of links that I love about what I write about, so I am not sure I am doing it “right”. But as I was writing yesterday: Practice makes perfect! And yeahj for Imperfect Action!

So here is three of my topfavorites when it comes to Paganism, Healthy Eating, Tarot and Motherhood in general (In no particular order:

  • Wrap You In Love This is a such a warm and educating site. Full with amazing images and tonnes of good tutorials of different wraps.  The turorials (both videos and slides) are clear and to the point. Even clumsy mamas like me can learn! The best thing is that it is well organized after size of your wrap! The link here is to a Back Wrap Cross Carry. That is my goal for the week to learn how to do!
  • 10 things to Never say to your tarot reader When a post gets 10 000 likes in less than a weak then it is either a) ruffling quite a few feathers and thought provoking or b) written by an expert who knows what she is talking about. Really. With Theresa Reed , the Tarot Lady it is the second. I am glad she put it out there and wrote it as it really is!
  • Nom-nom lunchboxes 2014 In Sweden where I live, school lunches are by law free. But that does not mean that good suggestions for packed lunches are redundant! There is still the need for a packed snack (strange habit for a system where school should be ENTIRELY free, but thats a different post all together) –> I bet a modified lunch easily can be created! As well as days where you really did not get any leftovers from the day before, or do not have neither time nor energy to spent in front of the stove….