OK, not the best or most ellegant title in the world: Money Buffer Spread, but it definitely indicates what the spread was all about. To create or to create financial independence.

Since I today basicly live on the edge financially, and in reality do not know month from month if it will be a good month or a bad month money is more or less always on my mind. Lately I have nurtrued the dream of FInancial Independence. Not long ago II read about David Ramsay’s 7 Step to Finacialy Success. The first step supposedly was to save $1000 to a (real) emergency fund as fast as possible. The bouncy Leonie Dawson reminded me about it yet once more with a facebook blurb about never ever neglect the financial buffer.  People have different views concerning how large this buffer need to be:

  • $1000
  • Two months salary in average
  • 10% of your budget each month
  • 52 week challenge
  • etc

Since saving a thousand dollars seems really daunting with my economy I created a original spread to have a look at how I could reach my goal of creating a true emergency fund:

  1. My financial situation right now This is how my finances are right now, this very minute
  2. Things, habits, groceries to save money on  What costs can I minimize to increase the amount put into a savings account?
  3. Ways to increase my income What can I do basicly to earn more money?
  4. Attitudes helping/challenging my goal
  5. The Outcome If I do these things, how will my finances become? It can also show timing to Financial Independency.




Here is the cards I pulled when taking the spread for a test-drive:

(Deck used: Cat Eye’s Tarot)

3 of Swords (rx)  My financial situation is not great right now.  But it is not terribly bad either. I have decided to actually actively do something about my money issues and am actually willing to forgive myself for the finacial errors I have done in the past.

10 of Swords Hitting rock bottom, crisis, things not going as I want it. Since this spread is about creating an Emergency Savings Account I do think this card tells me to use the money in this account for emergencies ONLY! Buying new clothes is not an emergency, feeding the family or fixing the car is…

6 of Cups This card is all about being nostalgic. I would say that if it was about saving money it would tell me to buy my things on second hand (with does not exclude me doing it anyway) but in the earning-position it may indicate that I may get some more money to save by selling things myself that I do not longer use. Apparently it can also mean gaining access to some money via inheritance or even lost treasure. Since I want to keep my near and dear ones still alive with me here the latter is something that I do not want…

6 of Coins There is several different ways that I can become in harmony with my money.  One of the predjudice  I carry around money is that someone at my current financial status can not have that much stached away. Also, it is important to remember that what goes around comes around. No matter how little I have, there is always people who have less. So today I will dedicate 10 % of what I am saving (minimum $5) each month to some charity!

Page of Cups Creating a Indicates a start of a new creative project. I take this meaning that I put my feelings to it I will succeed in my endeavour to create a Emergency Account.  Next step will be to take a fresh look at my finacial situation and decide further on what to do.

Are you in a similar situation money-wise? Are you struggling wit setting up an emergency savings account? Contact me for a FREE tarot-money-reading! The catch? I would love to get some feedback on the reading itself and if appropiate: some references and raves to publish on my blog!