Hi there Mom!

My name is Anna and I am a mother, pagan priestess, baby-wearer, lover and passionate tarotista. To help other mothers, grandmothers or mothers-to-be find peace, harmony, tranquility and balance in our daily life as parehts is a great dream and passion of mine. This  blog was started in 2014 as way for me to express my own thoughts and ideas aroun how I can combine all my interests to live a Magickal Tarot-life, while still being a top-notch mom.

This important work I am doing in two ways: 1) Writing mostly short and to-the-point blog-posts about tarot, healthy eating, attachment parenting and babywearing 2) Offering a set of tarot-readings for mothers to empower them to realize that they are good as they are, they are the best mom they can be for their kids and that they can take control over the chaos to find Magick in their lives! I know how precious time is when you are a home-with –  kids. So the readings I am offering are done via e-mail (who have time to Skype with a toddler in the house?), so that you can sit down and read the answer again and again if you like to, when you have some peace and quiet.