Here is a presentation of what I am offering as a tarot reader. My e-mail readings are for you, if you are:

  • feeling constant inadequat as a mother
  • feeling like you are spreading yourself too thin between all the different roles we are carrying: Mother, mistress, wife, cleaner, teacher, priestess…
  • in search of a re-connection in the relationship between you and your child
  • in pursuit after more info and re-assurance (ALWAYS alongside with medical advice) around your pregnancy
  • in need of some second opinion concerning choices needed to be made concerninig childcare and education
  • just looking for short and to the point answers
  • instead looking for a more deeper reading to see how everything connects together. The choice is yours!

My readings are offered with a 7-day turnaround time (with the exception of the Short and Sweet spreads , see below) and strict confidality. What happens in a tarot reading, stays with a tarot reading! If you want a guarantee for a fast answer, please email me first to check my availability before you make the payment!

You are a G.E.M!

Since I became a mother I have realised that  there are way too many roles for me to fill. Way to many things to do. Sometimes it feel just too much. Like I spread myself out too thin. That how no matter what I do, how much time I use there will always something that I have to sacrifice, a nagging feeling of that I am not good enough.

This spread intend to change that! A 5-card spread which main-focus is to show that you actually are the perfect mother for the situation at hand. That you are a Good Enough Mom!


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Rising from C.H.A.O.S

(Coming soon)


A Mother’s Heart

No matter how old they get, infant or teenager, the  relationship between a mother and her child(s) is always very precious. Sometimes, when things get rough we need to be reminded how much we mean to each other and even if we do not have to be reminded, it is  a good thing to hang on to from timed to time.

A 8 – card spread focusing on the relationship between you and your child, no matter age.

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For Mothers 2 B

A 13 – card spread for those of you who are expecting or who are planning to become pregnant. An original tarot spread from Tarotize. We look at the outsights for the 3 trimesters, conception and birth (yes we even hazard a GUESS on the sex of the baby ) of your treasure,

Please keep in mind that a tarot reading is not intended replace professional medical advice. It is important to attend regular medical check-ups during a pregnancy.

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The Choice of Education

One thing we all as mother’s can agree on is that we want the best education and life for our kids, no matter what. But then our opinions diverge. Sometimes we know from even before our children is born how and where we want their childcare and education. For others there may be a struggle, either between which choice is the best, or which one is the least bad.

No matter if you choose between daycare or being a stay-at-home-mom, home-schooling or regular school, private school vs the local school: This 11 card spread will give you even more information so that you will be able to make an even more informed choice

If you are stranded with more than two choices I am happy to enlarge the spread of an extrea +$10 fee/choice!

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SpeedShort and Sweet Q & A

Sometimes you need no longwinding answers, no but’s and if’s. Only to the point answers. I offer two kinds of  Short & Sweet spreads:

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One question: $10

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Two to 5 questions: $30

Both of them will gain you really short and to the point answers within 48 hs.

To the bottom of things

Other times you are in a situation where you really need to go to the bottom of things. To have someone tell you about the bigger picture. Then the Tree of Life is a perfect spread. A 11 – card spread that REALLY digs deep!
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