My son was born in mid-August (way too long ago, where does time fly?) and although I tried carry him in a elastic wrap to start with, but both him and the weather was way too warm for me to continue baby wearing. Our economy at that time did not allow me to by a woven wrap either. As a sidenote: FB and internet in general have done wonders with the accessibility of things from all over the world. Nine years ago there were not really that many wraps to chose from. Anyway, so with my son I mainly used a stroller. They can be quite expensive, but I got my hands on a second-year edition so got it cheaper.  With my daughter I decided I wanted to do things different.

I bought a wonderful Becco Solei + the infant piece  available as well and made sure my fiancé brought them both when it was time to go home from the hospital. And as they say:  The rest is history…. Not once have I actually seriously considered to bring out my old stroller used for my son before! Well, I tried once to put my daughter in the stroller (since my fiancé is not 100 on the carry-wagon), but took her up after 2 minutes since she was crying and showing loudly that this was not her cup of tea. When my daughter was 3 months old I visited my mothers for 2 months and was there able to borrow her sewing machine and sew my own woven wrap. In the beginning (especially after daugter was big enough for me to remove the infant piece in the sling) I used the sling and wrap equally. Sling for when I needed to do quite a lot of lifting in and out of the carry (going by car, weekly shopping etc). The woven wrap for our longer daily walks in nature, quick visits to our groceryshop, inside when I needed 2 hands free or when daughter really craved to be close, close. Some weeks ago I actually convinced fiancé to try to carry daugter in the sling! But since we quite naturally are differently built he had to adjust the sling to his comfort I have actually not carried in sling since then. It has just felt too complicated to adjust the straps just once more. So today I mainly carrying in my woven wrap exclusively.

As said, I carry only in woven wrap today. The stroller have totally been taking over by our cats. Atm I am a one-tie moma, I tie her only in a FWCC. But we practice almost everyday with other ways  Here is why I have chosen the woven wrap over the stroller:



Well, here  I had planned to write down a long list of why carry is so superior to a stroller, but while I  was jotting down point for point I realised it boiled down to two main things:

FLEXIBILITY I can basicly go anytime and everywhere I want. In the forest picking berries or mushrooms, on the sidewalk taking a nice walk after breakfast or doing the grocery shopping (since I do have two hands to carry with free I really do not miss the stroller for carrying the bags). Even when it comes to times I use different kinds of motordriven transportations  a wrap for me is so many, many times better to use. On buses I can go on at the front, dont have to leave my daugter alone at the backentrance. I can be close to her while the bus is driving etc. A wrap doesnt really take up much space (amazingly enough for 6 m cloth!), neither in a bag or wearing it. So usualy I pre-wrap before I get in the car, which works like a charm. Ans speaking of car: How on earth do parents manage travel with their car on vacation when they have a stroller to pack  as well? This summer we travelled 2 adults, one child, one baby and two cats 600 km and the car were full to above and beyond the roof….


To carry my child is so increadible soothing and relaxing, and that is just when I talk about me! I can’t imagine how comforting and safe it must feel for a small baby to have his or her mother (or father) within touching range all the time! You just can not give a child or a baby too much of that! I think one of the reasons that my daugter sleeps so well and is such a happy baby most of the time is due to the fact that I have kept her close all her life! These days I can not imagining going for a walk without having the possibility to just bend my head slightly and kiss the top of hers….

So, how about you guys? If you have children: Do you use a stroller? Wrap or sling? Maybe both or all three together? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and tell me your baby-carrying story!