When I was really young in the tarot world and started pulling one card each morning for myself to intepret it was first very exciting. What card would I pull? The dreaded Tower-card or the charming 6 of Cups? Would it be a fit? Or way off? But after a while it started to feel quite Meeeh just to ask: What will happen today? What shall I think about? and so on. About the same time I stumbled across the wise man James Wells at Circle Ways-  He strongly believes in the empowering force that is tarot and he  posted a set of 5 questions that when answered would bring us the opportunity to grow and evolve each and everyday. I have now taken those questions and modiefied them to be a better fit (they are allready quite suitable as they are, but not perfect):

What do I most need to know about or learn from my child/ren today?
How can I be of service to my child/ren today?
What is my most helpful resource as a parent/mother today?
How can I succeed at parenthood in every way today?
What nourishes and sustains me as a mother/parent today?
How can my wisest, most loving self express itself today through my parenting ?

Of course I had to take these questions out for a test-drive!

“How can I best serve my children today?”

(Cat’s Eye Tarot)

King of Wands – Queen of Wands – Page of Swords

Oh my! I swear, I did not use court cards only! It came out this way and is it not just too perfect, since court cards usually symbolizes personality traits?!

The King of Wands here as a golden and leisure loving tomcat are the symbol of leading by example. How often don’t we say to our kids one thing and then as adults we do the complete opposite? Eating candy is a great example. In our family we have a semi-strict rule of my eldest son eating chocolate and candy only on Saturdays. Since I am (and most likely my fiance too) a sugarrat we often eat candy and snacks on all days of the week. What example am I showing to my children? That it is OK to eat sugar in the middle of the week? Or more importantly – that rules do not apply equally? I better change that up a bit!

The Queen of Wands is the more slender, feminine clone of the King. She reminds me that whatever I do during this day I should do it to 100%, to put my heart into it completly. I have a tendency to try to juggle many things at the same time at times (well most of the time truth be told) which forces me to focus less than 100 % on them and most of the time it does not get finnished at all. By doing things with heart and soul one thing at the time I can serve myself and my children the good and warm feeling of completion and self-confidence of actually finnishing things!

And last, the Page of Swords, whispers in my ear that it is of greatest importance to try my best to being sincere, to being just and honest, and to communicate well. “What a pretty painting you made!” said as a white lie to not make anyone sad or “Oh! What have you drawn? Is it something you like?”  The truth does not have to be sharp and cold. It can equally be compassionate and curious! And when things are at its worst: Remember to have fortitude! Things will not always be like this. This will also pass!