Tarot Spread Saturday: Money Buffer

OK, not the best or most ellegant title in the world: Money Buffer Spread, but it definitely indicates what the spread was all about. To create or to create financial independence.

Since I today basicly live on the edge financially, and in reality do not know month from month if it will be a good month or a bad month money is more or less always on my mind. Lately I have nurtrued the dream of FInancial Independence. Not long ago II read about David Ramsay’s 7 Step to Finacialy Success. The first step supposedly was to save $1000 to a (real) emergency fund as fast as possible. The bouncy Leonie Dawson reminded me about it yet once more with a facebook blurb about never ever neglect the financial buffer.  People have different views concerning how large this buffer need to be:

  • $1000
  • Two months salary in average
  • 10% of your budget each month
  • 52 week challenge
  • etc

Since saving a thousand dollars seems really daunting with my economy I created a original spread to have a look at how I could reach my goal of creating a true emergency fund:

  1. My financial situation right now This is how my finances are right now, this very minute
  2. Things, habits, groceries to save money on  What costs can I minimize to increase the amount put into a savings account?
  3. Ways to increase my income What can I do basicly to earn more money?
  4. Attitudes helping/challenging my goal
  5. The Outcome If I do these things, how will my finances become? It can also show timing to Financial Independency.




Here is the cards I pulled when taking the spread for a test-drive:

(Deck used: Cat Eye’s Tarot)

3 of Swords (rx)  My financial situation is not great right now.  But it is not terribly bad either. I have decided to actually actively do something about my money issues and am actually willing to forgive myself for the finacial errors I have done in the past.

10 of Swords Hitting rock bottom, crisis, things not going as I want it. Since this spread is about creating an Emergency Savings Account I do think this card tells me to use the money in this account for emergencies ONLY! Buying new clothes is not an emergency, feeding the family or fixing the car is…

6 of Cups This card is all about being nostalgic. I would say that if it was about saving money it would tell me to buy my things on second hand (with does not exclude me doing it anyway) but in the earning-position it may indicate that I may get some more money to save by selling things myself that I do not longer use. Apparently it can also mean gaining access to some money via inheritance or even lost treasure. Since I want to keep my near and dear ones still alive with me here the latter is something that I do not want…

6 of Coins There is several different ways that I can become in harmony with my money.  One of the predjudice  I carry around money is that someone at my current financial status can not have that much stached away. Also, it is important to remember that what goes around comes around. No matter how little I have, there is always people who have less. So today I will dedicate 10 % of what I am saving (minimum $5) each month to some charity!

Page of Cups Creating a Indicates a start of a new creative project. I take this meaning that I put my feelings to it I will succeed in my endeavour to create a Emergency Account.  Next step will be to take a fresh look at my finacial situation and decide further on what to do.

Are you in a similar situation money-wise? Are you struggling wit setting up an emergency savings account? Contact me for a FREE tarot-money-reading! The catch? I would love to get some feedback on the reading itself and if appropiate: some references and raves to publish on my blog!


Friday Link Love – v36

This is my very first List of links that I love about what I write about, so I am not sure I am doing it “right”. But as I was writing yesterday: Practice makes perfect! And yeahj for Imperfect Action!

So here is three of my topfavorites when it comes to Paganism, Healthy Eating, Tarot and Motherhood in general (In no particular order:

  • Wrap You In Love This is a such a warm and educating site. Full with amazing images and tonnes of good tutorials of different wraps.  The turorials (both videos and slides) are clear and to the point. Even clumsy mamas like me can learn! The best thing is that it is well organized after size of your wrap! The link here is to a Back Wrap Cross Carry. That is my goal for the week to learn how to do!
  • 10 things to Never say to your tarot reader When a post gets 10 000 likes in less than a weak then it is either a) ruffling quite a few feathers and thought provoking or b) written by an expert who knows what she is talking about. Really. With Theresa Reed , the Tarot Lady it is the second. I am glad she put it out there and wrote it as it really is!
  • Nom-nom lunchboxes 2014 In Sweden where I live, school lunches are by law free. But that does not mean that good suggestions for packed lunches are redundant! There is still the need for a packed snack (strange habit for a system where school should be ENTIRELY free, but thats a different post all together) –> I bet a modified lunch easily can be created! As well as days where you really did not get any leftovers from the day before, or do not have neither time nor energy to spent in front of the stove….


3 Ways to Celebrate Fall Equinox as a Baby-Mama

When my son was born 9 years ago I went from being a spiritual very active Priestess to someone who basicly repressed everything that was remotely spiritual. Why? Several reason really. My coven and the energywork we did back then was really not very child freindly and in my area open rituals were very, very, VERY rare. But mainly I had the insane illusion in the beginning that nothing would change. No matter that I litterally went from being a Maiden to a Mother. I would still have the time and space to raise magic. Yeah right….

The idea of me continuing doing long amazing rituals was very fast and very brutally shattered. Anyone who am or have been a parent knows how much attention and energy a baby, toddler or child demands from you. It really does not matter if you are with them or not physically. They are always with you in your heart and mind. Where would I find the energy, time or focus that doing rituals demanded? When I did not even had the focos to do a short meditation when my son was asleep, always listening with one part of my self after if he woke up crying. Never really relaxing. The end result was of course that, since I was the one demanding the most of my self that I ended up with basicly no magic, no wicca, no meditaiton, no prayer, no Gods in my life for almost 9 years. Since I could not do it as perfect as I as a mother was SUPPOSED to do it I just let it fall.

imageNow, almost 9 years later I was blessed with a babydaughter and I have decided to let the chain of perfection go when it comes to my own spirituality. And I feeling so much freer for it! Here is what I learned along the way:

  1. INTENTION IS THE KEY Gone are the times where you could wander of for days, meditating skyclad in the forest all alone. These days I am happy to get 10 – 30 mins of alone time! The save is to focus on how you, well …. focus. Even the most mundane practice and habit can become an spiritual experience if that is your intention from the start.
  2. FORGET ABOUT PERFECT It is called “a spiritual practice” for a reason and practice makes perfect! As a mother to young children perfect is a word you simply have to remove from your vocabulary! If the price for sneaking in regular meditation or prayer in your daily life is a drooling but sleeping baby in your lap, so be it. Be creative! My father always said: “If you want it bad enough, you will find a way!”
  3. PRIORITIZE Yes, yes ofc our children will always be our number one priority. But if you are lucky enough (and your child is old enough) to be invited to an evening of meditation, an open ritual or even maybe a sabbat celebration with your old coven, do not hesitate to enlist a babysitter! It is way too easy for us women especially to give all we got and then some, to our family and especially the children, that we forget ourselves in the process. Remember to take care of YOU once or twice too. I promise – that will make you a better mom if you do not have to starve spiritualwise…

imageSo, in a few weeks Fall Equinox is upon us. It is a so called astronomical sabbat: It is celebrated around the time where day and night are equal. We are celebrating and praising that the Dark Goddess have started her decent down into the underworld. She is following the last journey of the God, her son and lover, to return in late December when the God is born once more with the light. Here are three suggestions on what we as baby-mothers can do to still be a part of this celebration without abandon our children:

  • GET BACK TO NATURE It usally starts much earlier (at least for me) but late September it is very obvious Fall is coming and that the Holly King have won over the Oak King. The days are shorter, the air clearer and more chilly. The leaves are changing color. As a baby-moma, take your child, either in the stroller or why not in a sling or wrap and take a long walk in Nature. The purpose here is to once more get accuainted  with the movements and shifts of the Wheel of the Year. Talk to the Gods around you, either out load or silent within. Just to say: “Hey! I am still here! ” Is well enough! The Gods are very patient…  Fall Equinox is an excellent time to balance yourself, press the reset button if you like. If the Summer has been stressful, this is the time to wind down. If your Summer have been uneventful this is the perfect time to speed up things. I always see fall as the time of new beginnings!
  • DO A HOUSE CLEANING As a mother of two I have started  to realise that cleaning is a never-ending project. It never ends. But something like that can easily be turned to my spiritual favor instead: Make sure that for every mess you wipe, for every laundry you wash, for every  room you vaccuum, that you have your intention set as well. One intention could be for example to focus on a magical mopup as well. For every dirty, soiled water you throw out, for every pile of trash you toss you are throwing away all these deep layers of bad enery that have been piling up in your life over the Summer. For a goldstar: Do a cleansing in every room when you are done with the physical cleaning. Remember to lower your standards! I have done it with a glass of water, table salt and a thin stick of cheap inscense and it worked like a charm! Intention!
  • START A GRATITUDE JOURNAL Fall Equinox is also called the 2nd Harvest and we are surrounded by the abundance of the Goddess and an abundance that God sacrificed himself for. This is a very appropiate time to focus on things we are grateful for in our lives. You can for example start by writing down three different things you are grateful for everyday. To start with it will feel strange and silly, but eventually you will notice that it will go easier and easier and best of all: You will feel better too!

So, 3½ week to the Apple Feast (Fall Equinox). How are you preparing for this celebration? Will you be celebrating alone or in a group? With just the cat as company or together with family? What does Fall Equinox mean for you? Please let me know in the comments below!

Wordless Wednesday: In Preparation For Fall


Tarot Card Tuesday : Death (13)

Upright: Endings, transformation, change, transition

Reversed: Resistanse to change, inability to move on

Careful what you wish for – you may get it

When I was younger and had just started with the tarot I never ever got it in my readings, the dreaded Death card. It made me devastated and frustrated to no end. As a 18 year old girl I wanted life as I knew it to change, I wanted out, a new beginning. I was ready to transform from a girl to a woman, from child to adult. But Death never showed in my readings and change never came… Up to this day I rarely see Death in my readings. Neither for myself nor for my clients. But now I am relieved instead. Because I know when change, endings and transition comes and knock on your door there is really nothing else you can do but to hold on and enjoy the ride!

This card is a card from the Major Arcana, so it is definitely not a card to take lightly. When this card shows it indicates a transformation that will for ever change your life in one way or another. There is a saying:

When one Door closes, a WIndow always opens

But what you maj13have to remember is that when this door closes it will stay closed for a very, very long time and the key will be thrown away anyways. There basicly is just one way and that is forward and through the window. It may be quite a bumpy ride and we may not appreciate it at times. On the other side of change though you will  feel a great satisfaction and growth. You have survived, what did not kill you made you stronger. If we compared the two grande cards indicating change and transformation: Death (13) and the Tower (16) then Death is the inevitable transformation that you actually can plan for, while Tower is the sudden change that comes like lightening from a clear sky. It can be very painful, but necessary.

On the same note, let us also talk about the big elephant in this blog post: Can this card predict actual physical death? I would say, both yes and no. One card alone can never predict something as major as physical death! Or it can, but no matter how good of a fortune teller you are there is no way you can 110% sure, can it? And you have to be to deliever such  a dire message, right? But Death surrounded by many negative cards would hint that something really not good is up. Would I leave it out completly when delievering to the client? Of course not! But I would be very gentle and use all my bedside manner I possessed. I would not tell them the blunt “truth”. But basicly tell them to take care of themselves. If the cards indicates a severe illness ask them if they had their health checked up recently, if about money ask them to look over their investments one more time.

This is so important, I can’t really emphasize it enough: The future is so very rarely cut in stone and it is important to remember that people WILL belive what you are saying as a tarot reader (most of the time). Think of what the consequenses will be if you gave someone a (false) death sentence…..

Symbols in the RIder White Smith deck

The Grim Reaper A symbol reminding us that we are all mortal. Everyone will die, everything will end eventually

The Sun Afte Rain comes Sunshine. A solid reminder that death and endings are not the final ending, there is always something green and fresh that may grow in the ashes of the fire

The pope and the children No matter who we are, where we have accomplished, how rich or poor we are – death will come. You can try to outrun it, but will ultimately fail

The Rose A beutiful sign of a new dawn and miracles.  Although a symbol of new beginning, the thorns reminds us that change is not always painfree.

The flag A powerful sign of change.

The Horse: Strong, independent and with long strides. The horse symbolizes the power and magnitude of what will come. There is nothing much you can do but to hold on to the reins…

(Featured Death cards: Rider Wait Smith – Cat’s Eye Tarot – Quantum Tarot)

Natural Parenting: What is it?

When I planned for what I wanted to write about in this blog, parenting had a definite place on the list. Not as much lectures and do’s and don’ts, but a description and a tale about how I, one mom of many have chosen to raise my kids. I will write about my ideas, dreams and shortcomings. Because as it is today, theory and practice are far apart. I hope you will enjoy it.

Natural parenting, what is it then? First of all, if I understood it, it got many names as all treasured children does: NP, Attachment Parenting, Authenic Parenting…. For me Natural Parenting lies best on my tongue since it gives me the image of a more organic way of raising children. Instead of a thick rule-book you take it as you go along, listen to your childrens needs and tell-signs and basicly “fake it til you make it!

For me NP is:

  • Breast-feeding as long as possible There is a reccomendation in Sweden to breastfeed exclusive for at least 6 months if possible. I breastfed my son up til he was 4 yo (although very rarely at that age) and I am planning to aim for the same with my daughter. For me breastfeeding is both very cozy and an amazing bonding-experience, it also a genious package of all the nutrients my child needs!
  • Co-sleeping In Sweden co-sleeping with an infant younger than 3 months old is not  recommended due to the increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) that have vaguely seen. I went against that and co-slept with my baby-daughter from day 1 with heavy precautions to minimize the risk  of SIDS. For me the benefits won over the risks: My daugter have slept all night trough since basicly the first week, ensuring that we as parents have been well slept each day too and a happy well-slept baby! And a whole heap of bonding! ❤ Gold! This has been my choices. Each and everyone have to decide for themself if and when they want to co-sleep of course!
  • Natural food It is quite simple: To give my children the best possible start in life I want them to eat the best food as possible! In my book that mean good, oldfashioned homemade food without any additatives that you do not know how it will effect the development of the child. Also I have started to phase out all kinds of refined suger (candy and icecream) and gluten (Bread, pasta etc)
  • Decrease my ecological footprint This is the area where I am failing the worst. My life is usually so much on over-speed and I am stressing through life without considerations for how much plastics I use and what kind of food I use. In the best of worlds I would love to ´have my own compost, recycle my garbage and most of all: Use cloth-diapers! But atm, where we do not have our own washingmashine I just have to endure the mountain of plastic nappies that is used each month. *Shudder*
  • Listening and respond It comes natural to me with my baby-girl, but it is way harder with my 9yo. To really listen to what they have to say and then promptly respond to their needs.  As said, easy with daighter who cries for 4 things (Hunger, tired, lonely/bored and pain) which is all very easily fixed. With my son not so much. But here I intend to work harder on Positive Disciplin and hopefully learn more techniques.
  • Babywearing This time around I did not even bother to buy a baby stroller. We invested in a baby carrier instead, a Beco Solei. Later this summer I also sew my own woven wrap.  Two investments I have never regreted! Instead of having to deal with crying baby in the stroller, separation anxiety, heavy pushing or pulling of a stroller that are too big basicly everywhere I now have the opportunity to snug up with my darling daugter for long periods of time. Getting really close and give her the closeness a small baby so badly needs 24/7 if necessary! Right now I just do front-ties, mainly because my arms are to stiff and short to reach around back. But with practice comes ….. some kind of improvement I hope! 😉

Want to learn more what NP is? Have a read at Attachment Parenting International!


Healthy Meal Sunday: Gluten-free Schnitzel

When I was around 12 years old (and my parents been divorced allready for one year) my father was diagnosed with  a chronical autoimmune disease called Chron’s. My father got it really bad and today, almost 25 years later he is thin as a stick, have gone through several surgeries to remove scarred intestine and this Summer I was told that he could not get any more inflammations in his intestines, because there basicly was not more intestine to cut away if he wants to survive… This if nothing else was a true eye-opener for me.

So far I have been lucky enough not showing any solid symptoms of having Chrons. I know though that it is hereditarily. What I know though is that I do have a gut that are more sensitive to some things than I guess the general public. A couple years ago I did some tests to see if I was gluten and/or lactose intolerant but it turned out negative (Positive in some ways I guess). But all the same I know that my body react badly to high-fatty food as well as things that can be hard to digest (raw onions together with white bread for example. Bye, bye burger…). I get stomach cramps and a harsch diahreeah almost directly after I have eaten these kind of foods.

Due to this I have excluded gluten from my food.  It is a start for me to try to keep my g ut as healthy as possible. I try to stay reasonable low when it comes to carbs (No sugar, no pasta or rice), but does not exclude carbohydrates completly since I am still breastfeeding my daugter. Out with the really bad stuff and in with the reasonable good things!

One of the things that I realised quite fast I would miss is the option to be able to bread for example fish or meat with egg and breadcrumbs. But recently I came to realise it did not have to be too complicated anyway: Just use egg and almond flour and you will have a fairly nice substitute! Last night I did a gluten-free schnitzel for example. To that I served potato wedges (I cheated big time here and bought frozen) and a nice green sallad:

Gluten-free Schnitzel


  • one filé of calf topside meat per person
  • 1 egg
  • almond flour, 1dl
  • whitepeppar, salt


  1. Whisk the egg in a shallow medium sized bowl
  2. In another bowl mix almonf flour, salt and pepper (after your own taste)
  3. Take out the meat and toss and turn it first in the egg and then in the almond-mix
  4. Heat a frying pan
  5. Put in some fat and let it melt. I used grass-fed butter, but I assume ghee or coconutoiul would do too
  6. Fry the “breaded” meat on high to medium heat for just a few minutes on each side.
  7. Serve with some wedges and a really nice sallad
  8. Bon apetite!


Tarot Spread Saturday: Procrastination

If you really know where to look, there truly is a spread for every subject! This week I have really been stuggling to get this blog started. I am perfectionist through and through and if I can not get it perfect the process in itself becomes like running through mud. All of a sudden there is all these other “important” things that draws my focus. Since this is the rule (with very few exceptions) for other things in my life too I realised it was high time I sat down and once and for all dealt with my procrastinating heart.

After just a few pushes of buttons I stumbled on Beth at Little Red Tarot and her Procrastination Spread. A very thought provoking spread, but still a cure spread made with quite a lot of tongue in cheek. Love it!


1. Where you are right now – The Sun (19)

Right now I am at a really good space: I feel good, and full of energy. If money were no issue I would really love to be a stay-at-home-mom fulltime. But this warm and cozy feeling also comes with a problem: The feeling of that “Naaah, it is too comfy under the blanket cuddling with my 5 mo daughter, the TV-series have never been more interesting and so on. I get too comfortable truth be told.

2. Your first excuse – Knight of Coins

My very first excuse to why I can not get anything done, why I end up doing non-productive things throughout my week is that I am to slow. It takes waaay too long for me to finish. And there is the nagging issue of making things perfect. “Just a little bit more then I can call it OK….” But THEN never comes.

3. Something to do/think about/focus on – Ace of Coins (rx)

Turned on its head the coin in the hand has it palm faced down and all the opportunities and gifts of Earth risks falling out. There is two possibilities here: a) I need to focus on closing my fist to prevent the energy of Earth dissipatint or b) We can also see the coin in the hand as a seed waiting to be sown. Now is the time to focus on not only holding the seed in my hand, but to actually take action and plant good habits, helping me with not procrasinate.

4. How you are procrastinating – 3 of Wands (rx)

My main procasination stems from a lack of vision. Instead of looking up and looking outward I keep my head down and bairly see the bow on my tied shoes. There is no planning ahead what so ever. I am so used to being “the messy one”, “the unorganized one” and so on that I don’t know who I really am behind that mask.

5. Something else to focus/think on – The Lovers

When things are tough it will help to think on what I care most about. What or who do I love? Where does my passion lie? Behind all clutter and procrastinating my greatest love and passion are my two children. But procrastinating and other blockages are stopping me from being as good mom as I could be…

6. Something to avoid – 6 of Swords (rx)

I need to avoid to stay in the same old state of mind, need not to be sad and especially I need to avoid my “normal” mellow mindset where I do neither feel any emotional pain nor guilt of everything I missed out on. But if I do, I miss out on all the highs too.

7. One final thought – 4 of Wands

This is my popfizz-card. It indicates the amazing feeling of having 1000 butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach. If I keep in mind how marvelous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious good I will feel when I get things done when I supposed to. How free I will actually feel. Another way could be to actually raise my gaze and to try to make things exciting even the boring stuff and to remember to celebrate not only finnishing, but every step on the way!

Thats it – my procrastinating spread borrowed from Little Red Tarot! And sorry if it is posted in the 11th hour, I just needed to……

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